Coffee & Teas

Oasis Cafe: Big on Flavor and Friendliness

What do you do when you can’t find your own culture’s staple cuisine anywhere nearby? How about start your own restaurant? Taddasse Haile did exactly that. Now, Oasis Cafe serves as a neighborhood favorite for its San Francisco community.

Stonemill Matcha Celebrates Tradition

Matcha tea’s popularity exploded in America over the past decade. However, as more and more mainstream coffee shops introduced the ceremonial tea to their menus, its rich history faded. Not for Stonemill Matcha. The San Francisco establishment is proud to serve its imported matcha from Kyoto, Japan the way it was always meant to be enjoyed…

San Francisco’s First Cat Café Calls for Community Support

An open letter to the country begins, “Dear America: I have never been a person to call out others for bad behavior, but now is not a time to be silent or care about what others might think. Now is the time to fight back with empathy, words, and most importantly action…”

Bean Bag Café: Just Like Home (But with Better Coffee)

You can make a lot of friends in 30 years – a lot of family, too. That’s how Mike Alzagha sees his staff, his customers, and his community. And, yes; his wife, daughter, and son all help him run Bean Bag Café, a place he hopes feels like “a home away from home,” on the corner of Divisadero and Hayes…

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