Betsy Floyd

I'm an L.A. based freelance writer whose creative background inspires my approach to projects ranging from landing pages to content development for small businesses. I'm ultimately a storyteller, so I strive to illuminate every person/ business's story and bring out its most compelling aspects. Website | Instagram

EBX Carries on a Family Tradition

El Burrito Express’s two San Francisco locations represent more than just good dining. They’re proof of a long-living legacy, and one that EBX Owner Mila Lopez continues to uphold.

Delica’s Passion for Authenticity Remains During a Crisis

Since the opening of the ferry building in 2004, Delica—a Japanese deli that does takeout—has been a mainstay. Its approach to Japanese cuisine is a combination of traditional dishes mixed with the fresh, local ingredients of California. Yasuhiro Iwata is the owner of Delica and passionate about the ingredients that he uses in the dishes…

Carmel Pizza Company Stays Creative in the Midst of Struggle

“Ingenious” is the word that would best describe my impression of Amanda Orloff, owner of Carmel Pizza Company; a well-regarded food truck down in Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s clear from talking with her that she’s innovative and willing to adapt to the circumstances brought on by the pandemic…

Cafe Bastille: Un Plaisir

Cafe Bastille opened in the fall of 1990 as one of the first French restaurants of its kind to make a splash in San Francisco. When its owner, Olivier Azancot, first arrived in the city, he liked it so much that he decided to stay. He had come from France after finishing culinary school, with the intention of settling down in Australia…

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