5 Ways to Continue Supporting Your Local Restaurants

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Independence Day is upon us. Typically, it’s a time for family gatherings, beach outings, and dazzling firework spectacles.

This year promises to be different.

The battle against Covid-19 continues. In many parts of the country, reopenings have led to drastic spikes in Coronoavirus cases. Despite stringent shelter in place rules, California is among the states seeing formidable increases in positive cases. On Wednesday, Governor Newsom ordered bars, indoor restaurants, movie theaters, and other non-essential businesses to close up shop once again.

The move marks another attempt to stymie positive test results and is a mandate for 19 “hot spot” counties across the state. Together, these counties account for 70% of the population.

For restaurants already struggling to stay afloat, this is a huge blow. Many of these establishments don’t have outdoor seating available, which takes away any option of increased service. Instead, it’s back to the basics: takeout and delivery.

Luckily, goodwill and patronage is something that we can still provide under these dire circumstances. Here are 5 ways to continue supporting local bars and restaurants.

1. Order takeout

Back to the basics! Whether your go-to spot is limited to takeout or you’re not ready to dine under the sun, takeout orders are still business for the restaurant. Order up!

Consider, too, the effect that delivery services have on local businesses. Because many of these platforms charge hefty service fees, it helps to do the pickup yourself. Or, if a restaurant offers its own delivery service – use it!

2. Purchase gift cards

Gift cards are another way to show your support for local fare. Buy now, use later. The immediate profit still goes to the restaurant, and in times like these, every little bit helps.

3. Check out their “stash”

Did you know that some restaurants are offering more than their basic menu? We’ve spoken to several places offering things like small online grocery stores or general stores, restaurant merchandise, and elaborate drink packages or family meal kits.

Check out your favorite restaurant’s offerings today.

4. Support the staff

In addition to getting creative with their menus, many restaurants have started GoFundMe pages for their staff. Again, it’s the “every little bit helps” principle. Since some of these restaurants haven’t been open for weeks (if not months), raising funds for staff is a priority.

5. Share their news and stories

Can’t make it over to your favorite spot? Help from “behind-the-scenes” – share their news and stories on social media! At Hyperflyer, we’re dedicated to helping local businesses connect with their communities. We continue to delve into the stories of our Bay Area restaurants each day.

The more people we can share these stories with, the better. These are trying times, for sure, but together we can lift each other up and move forward. Let’s make sure all of our great restaurants and bars have the opportunity to do the same.

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Restaurants you may like

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