Stonemill Matcha Celebrates Tradition

Matcha tea’s popularity exploded in America over the past decade. However, as more and more mainstream coffee shops introduced the ceremonial tea to their menus, its rich history faded.

Not for Stonemill Matcha. The San Francisco establishment is proud to serve its imported matcha from Kyoto, Japan the way it was always meant to be enjoyed.

In addition to hot and iced matcha lattes, the modern Japanese-Californian cafe serves refined Japanese comfort foods like cold matcha noodles with Yuzu Dashi dipping broth and Yuzu meringue tarts.

In the past, Stonemill Matcha relied on dine-in customers for the majority of their business. They closed in mid-March when the shelter in place order took effect and reopened for takeout on May 1. The brief break gave the team time to build their online store, which is stocked with matcha and hojicha powder, maple miso granola, and DIY matcha starter kits.

For takeout, the iced strawberry matcha latte is one of the most popular summer drinks. Customers from near and far make a special trip to visit the cafe for its signature matcha cream pie and cream puffs. If you’re in the mood for something savory, try the Japanese Breakfast or Pork Katsu Sando.

Stonemill’s matcha’s offerings might introduce a whole new flavor profile to guests who are used to the drinks served by bigger coffee houses.

“We don’t try to cover up the sweet umami flavors that matcha provides,” Candice Ng, the general manager, explained. “Instead we highlight them in our drinks by not adding too much sugar or different flavors that will cover up our matcha. Our pastry team also takes advantage of our matcha by pairing it delicately with flavors like yuzu or even as simple as cream in our matcha cream pie. Matcha has a natural bitterness that lends great balance to our desserts.”

To get your matcha fix and support Stonemill, you can order takeout through Caviar. But if you don’t live in San Francisco, shop online. The beautiful tea cups and matcha starter kit make an excellent, unique gift for the tea lover in your life.

“Matcha is not just a drink. It is a lifestyle,” said Ng. It’s packed full of vitamins and minerals and is a superfood. When you have matcha, the preparation is part of the experience. Life keeps going but for that moment, when you have your matcha, you are able to slow down and enjoy its simplicity. Admire the handmade bowl your matcha will go into. Every tool was handmade for your experience. We want to bring the love and appreciation of matcha from Japan to you.”

Mission accomplished. 

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