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San Fran Meets Guadalajara: A 7-Salsa Situation

For the last 30 years, Owner Pablo Patiño and Manager Esther Zepeda have run a masterful Mexican food operation. Taqueria El Farolito, the restaurant that birthed Taqueria Guadalajara, sits just across the street. If you’re ever on a San Francisco burrito tour, it starts and stops with these two joints.

EBX Carries on a Family Tradition

El Burrito Express’s two San Francisco locations represent more than just good dining. They’re proof of a long-living legacy, and one that EBX Owner Mila Lopez continues to uphold.

Papalote: A Fresh Neighborhood Gem

What’s better than Mexican food? Mexican food made completely with fresh ingredients, which is exactly what Papalote Mexican Grill offers. Owned by Victor Escobedo and Jodi Hernandez, Papalote serves authentic Mexican dishes that bring back “memories of sunny Sunday afternoons spent in Chapultepec in Mexico City celebrating somebody’s birthday”…

Gracias Madre – Their Mission is to Serve You

Thank you, Mother. This simple message of respect has become the mantra for the owners of Gracias Madre, Matthew and Terces Engelhart. The restaurant serves up delicious, soul-soothing plant-based Mexican food in the Mission District, with one key ingredient in every dish it makes: love…

Barrio: North Beach Success Hits the Covid Wall and Bounces back

Billy Riordan was just starting to gain momentum when the novel coronavirus arrived on the West Coast. Riordan co-owns a restaurant in San Francisco called Barrio, where business was taking off just as the city was shutting down. “Our sales were going up, up, up, up. We were kind of getting recognition, and then all of a sudden, bam, the brakes slammed,” he said…

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