Rizalyn Vargas

Rizalyn is a food and lifestyle writer who encourages people to see how the little things in life can bring us both meaning and purpose. She lives in San Diego with her husband and houseplants. Website

Raising the Bar with Chef Monleon and La Marcha

Living in Madrid for 8 years as a dish washer and line cook proved to be an educational experience for Chef Sergio Monleon. The work might’ve been tough, but it solidified his desire to cook for a living. Today, he’s doing just that with his Bay Area tapas bar, La Marcha.

The Sweeter Side of Justice with Crumble & Whisk

In June 2020, bakers united across the contry to promote #BakersAgainstRacism. For Crumble & Whisk owner and chef Charles Farrier, it was a time to get involved in “The sweeter side of justice.” Today, he continues promoting positive change, and making great cakes in the process.

Limon Rotisserie: Beauty is Rooted in Resilience

Resilience is rooted into the very being of who Limon Rotisserie is. The retail restaurant’s 524 Valencia Street location caught on fire during the Great Recession of 2008, but that did not stop Executive Chef Martín Castillo and his brothers Antonio and Eduardo from rebuilding and expanding into more restaurant locations…

Chubby Noodle Says Safety First

Plates of spicy garlic noodles and salt and pepper shrimp dash out of the kitchen. Hip hop beats through the speakers. A vibrant mural created by San Francisco based artist Jeremy Fish hangs inside the sleek and trendy Asian-fusion restaurant…

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