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Da Flora Avoids Heartbreak During Pandemic

Above: Da Flora sits on the corner of Columbus Avenue and Filbert Street Darren Lacy was in love. Not the kind of love you’re in when you take the first bite of smoked prosciutto while overlooking the San Francisco Bay on a calm evening, but real love that makes people fall hard.  By the end

Ericka Xanthe’s Custom Cakes Are Made with Layers of Love

All photos by Ericka Xanthe Paris is no stranger to love stories. Among the symphony of baguette crust crackling, the burble of street side cafes, and the proximity of art and history, dreams and desires emerge and manifest. But Ericka Xanthe’s recent visit to France was less a discovery of love than a reminder of

Amawele’s Brings Real South African Cuisine to the West

Wendy and Pamela Drew moved to the U.S. from Durban, South Africa, in 2005. Upon their arrival, the twin sisters noticed an overwhelming number of restaurants in San Francisco not drawing inspiration from as many countries as they hoped, including the rainbow nation itself.

Johnathan’s Sandwich House: Serving Kindness with a Side of Fried Chicken

Tony Wright’s desserts have pleased the toughest critics out there. By this I mean his eight children, who all give his cakes, puddings, and cobblers a thumbs up! Since the 70’s, Jonathan’s Sandwich house has been a staple in Alameda, providing deli sandwiches and American classics with a neighborly atmosphere.

Auntie April’s: Building Community with Chicken and Waffles

April Spears learned to ride her bike on 3rd Street in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco. Now, she owns two restaurants on the 3rd Street Corridor. Being successful in her home neighborhood was an important goal for Spears. “I always wanted to open a business in my community to have more positive role models for the youth,” Spears said.

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