La Boulangerie de San Francisco Mixes French Tradition with American Innovation

Above: Pascal Rigo, founder of La Boulangerie de San Francisco Pascal Rigo, the brains behind the French-inspired phenomena known as La Boulangerie de San Francisco, got his start stateside selling pastries to local restaurants and hotels in the Bay Area.  “He would put the leftovers in front of a window,” says Federica Cusumano, the brand’s

Ericka Xanthe’s Custom Cakes Are Made with Layers of Love

All photos by Ericka Xanthe Paris is no stranger to love stories. Among the symphony of baguette crust crackling, the burble of street side cafes, and the proximity of art and history, dreams and desires emerge and manifest. But Ericka Xanthe’s recent visit to France was less a discovery of love than a reminder of

Two Chicks in the Mix: Cake Icons from NorCal to SoCal

Malaka Wilson-Greene and Erica Freeman knew they wanted to be entrepreneurs, but didn’t exactly know what type of business they wanted to start. Turns out, baking was the way to go. Check out the story behind Two Chicks in the Mix here!

Going Nuts for Nuttin’ Butter Cookies

Fun fact: There are a lot of different nuts. Even funner fact: They can all be baked into delicious cookies, which is exactly what Nuttin’ Butter Cookies Owner Whitney Singletary is doing. Check out her story here!

The Sweeter Side of Justice with Crumble & Whisk

In June 2020, bakers united across the contry to promote #BakersAgainstRacism. For Crumble & Whisk owner and chef Charles Farrier, it was a time to get involved in “The sweeter side of justice.” Today, he continues promoting positive change, and making great cakes in the process.

Ambrosia Bakery: It’s a Family Thing

Owning a bakery may not have been Keith Truong’s first career path, but it’s certainly his passion. Now, the Owner-Pastry Chef talks 30+ years of operating his San Francisco mainstay, Ambrosia Bakery.

Tartine: A Widespread Operation from Humble Roots

Tartine started out as a simple stall at the Berkeley farmers market. Since, it’s gone on to become a San Francisco staple, with 3 additional locations in Los Angeles and 4 in Seoul, South Korea. Read more about Tartine’s story here!

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