Asian Food

Amid Pandemic Pressure, The Citrus Club Squeezes By

Managing a restaurant and motherhood is tough. Factor in a global pandemic and it’s a whole new story. How does Lina Duer do it? Faith in customers and her restaurant’s mission. Discover The Citrus Club’s story today!

B Star Bar: A Neighborhood Restaurant Serving Innovative Asian Flavors

Located in the Richmond District of San Francisco, B Star is a neighborhood restaurant with a laid-back atmosphere and a menu full of bold Asian flavors. The restaurant is a spin-off of the popular Burma Superstar restaurant, which is located on the same block and serves authentic Burmese cuisine…

Chubby Noodle Says Safety First

Plates of spicy garlic noodles and salt and pepper shrimp dash out of the kitchen. Hip hop beats through the speakers. A vibrant mural created by San Francisco based artist Jeremy Fish hangs inside the sleek and trendy Asian-fusion restaurant…

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