Limoncello: Not Just Your Typical Sandwich Shop

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Pictured above: Limoncello owner Jalal Heydari

Located in San Francisco’s Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood, Limoncello has been serving the people of the Bay Area since September 2017.

Limoncello is not just your typical sandwich shop, but also a liquor store and grocery store in one. Having a 5-star rating with almost 900 reviews on Yelp, Limoncello has quickly proven to be a city-wide favorite.

Owner Jalal Heydari attributes his quick success to the quality of ingredients sold at his store. This includes using bread for his sandwiches that is never old or frozen, as well as fresh cuts of meat.

Like all small businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, Limoncello had to make changes in order to stay up and running while ensuring the safety of both customers and employees.

“I put all of our restrictions on the front window and in the bathrooms. Right now, everything is sanitized and there cannot be more than five people in the store or maybe even less sometimes,” says Heydari. “We’re not allowed to serve people if they don’t have a mask but I have already purchased [masks] for customers to buy if they don’t have one. I don’t want to be rude to people and I love serving them”

Heydari emphasizes that the best thing that customers can do right now is to be patient. The employees of Limoncello are putting in double the amount of work to ensure the safety of all customers. The store has also been facing difficulties ordering its usual goods.

“All of the production is going to become slower, such as ordering for the deli or the grocery store. Every company changes their rules and their delivery date, so it makes it much harder than normal,” Heydari explains.

“Some of the people don’t realize just how difficult it is to keep that door open for customers daily,” he continues. “Some customers are very appreciative for what I do for them like for our senior citizens. They really love the way I treat them and that I stay open for them, so they are very supportive of our business and I try to do as much as I can do for them.”

Heydari has made an effort to donate food to hospitals to show his appreciation for frontline workers, especially during this time.

Heyadri says that Limoncello has donated about 140 meals to various hospital wings and will continue to do so.

A great way to support Limoncello during these hard times is to think of them when looking for a place to eat. Follow the restaurant on Instagram or Facebook for updates!

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Restaurants you may like

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