COVID Update: 95% of SF businesses are able to re-open on Monday

Because COVID related hospitalizations have plateaued and remained consistent this week, SF will allow 95% of retail business to re-open on Monday. The city will allow businesses with street access to open for delivery and curbside pickup. This is based on key metrics and could change based on the ebb or flow of cases and how much PPE front-line workers have access to, among other things.

For the service sector; it might not seem like a big change, but more customers will be picking up goods from retail establishments and that volume could translate to more pick up orders from restaurants. After all, people will be selective about when they’re leaving the house and will grab dinner and/or lunch on their way back to sheltering in place.

Restaurants continue to open for deliveries and pick-up, the list keeps growing. We are entering this market at an odd time, especially since our primary mission is to encourage face-to-face interactions as much as possible. Granted, it’s very unlikely that we’re going to be able to anytime soon, but as we launch our product we’ll be focusing primarily on in-person pick-up orders.

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